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801 Classic Scooter

Vehicle Description

The ATE801 comes in Red and Blue colors, powered with a 500 watt brushless high hub motor.

The Gel lead acid battery. The 350-400 battery cycle, and the 60V-20AH power output, there are possibilities are countless.

The top speed on this baby is 32 kmph, you can simply glide through the whole traffic without much hassle. You can get to those meetings in a jiff or meet up with your friends at the mall.

There are Drum brakes in the front and in the back, keep you safe when you glide through the tough traffic jams. There is remote alarm, for those scary remote situations and a key ignition lock for tricky situations.

So you can rest assured when this thing is out there in those tough crime situations in your city and/or your neighborhood.

Vehicle Specifications

  • Front Hand Brake: Drum
  • Rear Foot Brake: Drum
  • Ignition: Electric start
  • Weight: 250 LB
  • Tire Size (Front): 3.0*16
  • Tire Size (Rear): 3.0*16
  • Engine Type: Gel lead acid battery

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